Manual Prehistoric Quarries and Lithic Production (New Directions in Archaeology)

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Ericson , Barbara A. Purdy Series: New Directions in Archaeology. Add to Cart Add to Cart. Add to Wishlist Add to Wishlist. This book was originally published in Log In Sign Up. Curriculum Vitae. Education B. Archaeology, Tel Aviv University. With distinction Lithic Technology and Flintknapping Studies. University of California, Riverside M.

Department of Archaeology, Tel Aviv University. With high distinction. Under the supervision of Prof. Gopher Ph.

With distinction. Positions Held Research Assistant. Student and age site Bunimovitz. Gopher area supervisor Qumran cave No. A Neolithic and Prof. Neolithic flint economies: A new case from Northern Israel. Flint workshops and extraction sites in the Upper Gallille. Gopher Flint mines and quarries of the Neolithic Levant. Flint and stone axes: technological, functional and symbolic aspects.

Bar Ilan University, May Gopher Paleolithic landscape of extraction: changing the face of the earth by Middle Pleistocene Hominids at Mt. Pua, Israel. Gopher Paleolithic landscape of extraction at Mt. Gopher Qesem cave: a new Acheuleo-Yabrudian site. Shimelmitz and A. Vinokur and A. Weiner and A. Steiner and A. Gopher Qesem Cave and the origins of Modern Humans. Gopher Qesem Cave: From salvage to a problem — oriented project. Gopher and P. Experimantal knapping of Amudian blades and a reconstruction of blade technology at Qesem Cave, Israel.

Gopher The uniqueness of Chalcolithic Beer Sheva sites: a view from the adze. The earliest tree-fellers: Why and when people started felling trees? Qesem scrapers: a new Yabrudian assemblage from Qesem Cave. Lev and A. Who needs small flakes? A technological and functional study of cores-on-flakes and small flakes from Qesem Cave. Landenberg, C. Lemorini and A. A blade for all seasons? Making and using Amudian blades at Qesem Cave, Israel.

Paper presented at the international meeting "Integrated Methodological Approaches to the Study of Lithic Technology". Florence, Italy, December Basel, Switzerland, May The Paleolithic origins of the Grandmother hypothesis. Midsummer sunset at Neolithic Jericho. The Acheulian origins of Levallois Technology. Paleoanthropology Society Annual Meeting, St. Louis, Missouri, April Decembar Solodenko and O. Marder Ahead of its time: Hominins and cultural innivations at Qesem Cave.

Bar-Ilan University, Israel, April Acheulian lithic variability and its behavioral implications at the site of Revadim, Israel. Paper presented at the 7th International conference on the chipped and ground stone industries of the Pre Pottery Neolithic, Barcelona, February The obsidian assemblage from Neolithic Hagoshrim, Israel: Pressure technology, craft specialization and trade.

Invited Lectures selected 1. Between Acheulian and Mousterian in the Levant. The earliest tree fellers: when and why people strated felling trees? Childhhod in Prehistoric times. Culture and hominins at Qesem Cave, Israel. Marcha Organized by Prof. March 12, Ran Barkai 6 December II. March 20th, Department of Biology, University of Pisa, Italy. A lecture in the framework of the Seminars on Conservation and Evolution organized by Prof.

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Current Questions and New Directions in Archaeological Obsidian Studies - Oxford Handbooks

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Prehistoric Quarries and Lithic Production New Directions in Archaeology

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Series: New Directions in Archaeology

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