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Of course everyone Sophie left behind eventually find their way back to her - her father, Cal, Archer, and even Jenna and how she escaped death is a surprise in itself. Elodie is also still joined to Sophie and actually displays a new skill - taking control of Sophie's body whenever she wants. I didn't mention her in my review of Demonglass since her part was relatively minor. However, in this book she has a major role to play. We haven't seen this much of her since the original Hex Hall and she is still as opinionated and take-charge as ever.

However, nothing could be accomplished without her, and we do see a slightly softer side of her by the end. It is a relief to have all these characters back together, and to see the interactions between them. We finally get a chance to learn more about Sophie's mom and see her interact with Sophie's dad; we also find out she has some warrior skills of her own. Archer, Cal and Sophie continue their love triangle, but this time we know there will be a resolution; who will Sophie choose? The format of Spell Bound is a bit different than the previous two installments.

The book is split into three distinct sections - everyone meeting up again and making their plans to stop the demon raising that is occurring; then a section where Sophie, Jenna, Archer and Cal all end up being yanked back to Hex Hall which is in terrible shape after everything that has happened ; and the final section where everything comes to a head. It all moves swiftly, with the tension increasing exponentially. Questions brought up in the first two books are answered here, including who Archer really is and what happened to his family.

The final battle with the Casnoffs and their army against Sophie and her crew takes place on Graymalkin Island home of Hex Hall , but victory comes with a surprising assist from an unexpected source and a devastating loss. I will admit I was stunned by what happened and didn't see it coming. I didn't really start to cry yes, I cried until the final chapter, after all was resolved and the final fate of a beloved character was revealed.

It was the perfect ending, but very emotional. You would think that with all the action and seriousness going on that the humor of this series would be lost, yet Hawkins manages to keep it balanced with witty comebacks and snarky comments. There is no doubt that Sophie and Archer will never be at a loss for words. Cal's strength continues to shine through, while Jenna's loyalty never wavers. Sophie's mom and dad perfectly complement each other, with his loss of power seeming to have paved the way for them to finally talk things out.

Spell Bound was an incredibly strong ending to a great series, with the return of beloved characters, action, humor, love and loss. Everything is tied up with a bow as a gift from Hawkins to her fans, and yet she has still managed to leave a little leeway for a spin-off if she so desires hints on Twitter indicate it is a definite possibility. The story of Sophie Mercer ends here, and what a ride it has been. I leave you with just two words that I will hold dear to my heart after reading this series - "Bad dog! This was a nice ending to the series. I was a little disappointed in the direction that the author went with the romantic aspect.

I was routing for Cal I think that the way it was handled was a little bit of a cop out, albeit a fluffy cop out. I had the same problem with this book that I did with the previous two, that some of the characters' reactions were a little bit unbelievable, but all in all it was a great ending. Just enough depth to keep me interested. I had forgot how much I liked this series..

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I have a tendency to do that This book is very well written, from the moment I picked it up I didn't want to put it down. I like Sophie, she is almost the best of both worlds.. She isn't afraid to stand up for herself and her friends but at the same time she shows her emotions. Archer is a good fit for her, he supports her but isn't gonna let her just walk all over him when their opinions don't match. Jenna and her pink strip of hair is awesome.

The story is believable, for the world that has been built. There are a couple of shocking turns and emotional spots. I really enjoyed reading this book and was sad to have the series end.

Spell Bound

This review is also posted on Mommy's Reading BreakWhen we left Sophie at the end of Demonglass, Cal had just run back into Thorne Abbey to try to save Archer, Jenna, and Sophie's father from the fire, and she was stepping into the Itineris to head to the Brannicks' at Cal's insistence. When Spell Bound picks up, Sophie has just stepped out of the Itineris and is wondering how smart it was to come to the Brannicks', knowing what she does about them.

She very quickly meets up with two of the Brannicks and realizes just how lost she is without her powers. At the Brannicks' compound, Sophie learns some information that is supposed to be a big twist, but honestly, I saw it coming.

Book Review – ‘Spell Bound’ (#3 Hex Hall) by Rachel Hawkins

She is completely shocked and unsure of how to handle the information at first, though. Also, we very quickly learn the fates of those Sophie left behind at Thorne Abbey, which made me happy. Sophie was agonizing over their fates, so I was glad that that was not drawn out. Spell Bound is divided into three parts. The first one was very slow-paced, as it took place at the Brannicks' compound and consisted a lot of talking, studying, and strategizing. Part Two was also kind of slow-paced, but there was enough confusion and mystery going on that it was suspenseful.

I never knew if or when something was going to happen, and I wasn't sure what was going on. In the final section, Part Three, the pace finally picks up. Unfortunately, it is only approximately the last 70 pages of the book. The third part was definitely the best, though. We find out information that I didn't even know I wanted, get a mystery as to something that may or may not happen, and experience the final showdown, complete with twists, turns, and hard decisions. For the most part, I really liked it, but there was one aspect of that final battle that I didn't like.

I also thought that the ending was kind of silly. I think that my favorite part of Spell Bound was the relationships, and I don't just mean romantic ones. I liked seeing Sophie's relationships grow and change, specifically with her parents, but with others as well, as she learns more about herself and her past. As to the ending, I simply don't give a damn, but the death of a certain character still angers me As a whole, it looks like Ms.

Hawkins didn't care about her book anymore when she penned Spell Bound. Maybe she thought: "Since the first two books are selling so well, my readers will surely be buying the last book of the series regardless of the quality! I would have been a lot happier with this series. The one good thing about Spell Bound is that it's a quick read, it wouldn't charge you much. If you need a book to kill time, you may also try. May 05, Elena Salvatore rated it liked it Shelves: 1st-person-pov , one-sitting-read , academy-boarding-school , idc , ended-with-ship , death , girl-protagonist , female-author , love-triangle , predictable.

Sophie finds herself on enemy territory. She doesn't know if Cal, her father and Archer made it out safely. She doesn't know what happend to Jenna. She doesn't know why her mother is with the Brannicks and she doesn't really know where she landed. The latter question is answered when she gets attacked by a redhead girl with green eyes. But when she finds her mother she discovers that all her life has been a lie. Her mother is one of the Brannicks, which makes her one of them as well. Her family ar Sophie finds herself on enemy territory. Her family are the ones that hunts and kills her kind and all those with supernatural abilities.

They are the enemy and she is related to them, as if beeing a half Demon wasn't difficult enough However none of that matters since they have more important things to focus on.

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Mainly, since her father and Cal made it back safely, to find a way to get her powers back and to stop the Casnoff sister from creating a Demon army. They come even up with a plan but before they manage to go into action, Sophie gets flashed back to Hex Hall with all of the other students. The manage to restore her powers and to escape Hex Hall and even to steal Demon Glass from Hell, only to return to Hex Hall to kill the Casnoff sisters and to restore all the Demon kids to their normal selfs. However their death didn't come alone Cal dies also by rescuing Sophie's life and thus sacrificing his own.

Very enjoyable, very fast paced, very funny at times and very cute at others. Not exactly what I was expecting when I added it to my ever growing TBR pile and even tho I would prefer it was written a bit differently, since it had alot potential, I still really liked it and it took me not much time to go through them all. A very nice light read. The series has been losing steam since the second book.

Scenes, actions and plots in this book feel overly simplified and rushed. The underworld scene - apparently the underworld is a cavern, a small one at that, and they walk couple of hundred yards in it, then it's done. Given the amount of hardship the characters are drag The series has been losing steam since the second book. Given the amount of hardship the characters are dragged through in this book, The emotions are very superficial. Not much was there on the emotional impact of Archer being tortured repeatedly, his family tragedy, their love triangle, Cal's feelings, etc.

What a shame. I've grown attached to these characters and had hoped they would have more depth and growth in the final book. Nov 02, Irena rated it really liked it. I'm not sure how long has it been since I've read Demonglass, but while reading this one, it felt like it has been too long.

It's like my brain lost it's ability to remember details from previous books and at some times, I was lost. I forgot names, relationships and some pretty big events that happened before this book. However, page by page, I remebered most of it. This was an okay last book in the series.

It was not an epic finale and I can't even call it a conclusion since it left open door for a I'm not sure how long has it been since I've read Demonglass, but while reading this one, it felt like it has been too long. It was not an epic finale and I can't even call it a conclusion since it left open door for a spin-off that, as far as I know, will not be happening any time soon if ever! The writing style is really good. I had fun reading Sophie's sarcastic comments.

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She has the best humor style you could ask from a book character. This series is the funniest paranormal book series I have read so far. I enjoyed reading it and now I'm looking forward to start Hawkin's other series, Rebel Belle. Apr 20, Jonababez rated it liked it Shelves: e-book. I finished reading this book last night, and I needed to calm down before I write a review. This contains few spoilers, so watch out! I'm too depressed, too sad, and too frustrated. I know I should have not taken this book so personally, but I've grown to really like Cal, and it has hurt me damn much on what has happened to him.

He didn't deserve it. It was too much. I hate Hawkins for doing it to him, she didn't even give him a chance to be happy. And I also hate myself because I'm so affecte I finished reading this book last night, and I needed to calm down before I write a review. And I also hate myself because I'm so affected. I know, this is not about Sophie and Archer since he's out of the picture already, but hey, why did he has to die? I don't really get the point there. Anyway, I was also hoping that Hawkins will write a little love story between Cal and Elodie, but no!

It didn't happen! Just a slight comment from Elodie about making Cal change his mind about her. Yeah, this whole review is all about Cal, and not about the book, but I hope you'll understand my sentiments and I'm seriously grieving right now. It'll take me a whole bunch of happy books to cheer up. Maybe if I'm not this sad anymore, I can give a proper review. View all 25 comments. Jan 16, Katherine rated it it was ok Shelves: werewolves-wolfes-shifters , dissapointed , ghosts-spirits , witches-warlocks , vampires , magic-powers , demons , faery-fairy-fey , paranormal.

How un-surprising that the last novel in the Hex Hall series would be a major let down and be utterly disappointing. Looks like Hawkins used up all her cans of funny in the previous two books, and these books cannot survive without the funny. The funniness is what makes these books. This is the first major down fall.

It feels like Hawkins has just made up stuff and chucked it in there just to chuck it in there, not caring if it actually fits right into the story. Perfect example of this though is the Strange Angels series, same problem. The other major let down is the big impending battle in the end. It goes for 14 pages!!!! Secondly, Hawkins kills him off!!!

Not fair. Poor Cal. The last novel, is the let down of the series and such a dissapointment. Oh well, it only took me a day to read, so not that much is lost. Jul 20, Rachel Maniacup rated it it was amazing Shelves: supernatural , one-of-my-best-favorite , friendship , love-love , fun-read , romance. This series really is enchanting!

But both have a different kind of entertaining stories where in the other series,you'll find the story of Izzy Isolde while the other is about Sophie. I can't believe that the newly introduced characters here were actually the characters I was missing in School Spirits, though they were already mentioned in Wow! I can't believe that the newly introduced characters here were actually the characters I was missing in School Spirits, though they were already mentioned in Hex Hall but I never thought they'll play an important role in this final book! How amazing,right? In this final sequel,Sophie and her allies have come to work and plan together on how would they get Sophie's power back,and end the evilness of their enemies.

There were also shed-tears moments in the story,especially on the death of one charater here and it did devastate me. But then,it was an honorable death that would make you respect and love this particular character even more. The ending I must say though is a bit abrupt, but I did enjoy reading it 'cause "Sophie Awesome Sparkle-Princess" is so hilarious! Like for supernaturals? I just felt a little sad when I'm done reading it because I know,I will deeply miss the characters including Elodie,who I adored here in this final sequel,Izzy,Finley,Aislinn and Torin again glad to see them here.

I never reread the books that I've already read,but this series had totally got me and I'm sure,I'm going to reopen this one day. I have to say and with no little surprise on my part but this was actually fun! I really enjoyed the writing. Not a lot of points for the story cause let's face it, nothing actually ever wraps up with such a neat and pretty bow. It was very sunshine and rainbows and HEAs which is cool, sometimes you need uncomplicated and simple to ease your mind.

And that's what this book did. Finishing it, I felt all light and happy. I loved Soph's parents, like a lot. Not big on her boyfriend and best friend bu I have to say and with no little surprise on my part but this was actually fun! Not big on her boyfriend and best friend but her parents totally made it worth it. Granted I have a very low opinion about the younger generation but no.

This was probably the only thing that bugged me, silly I know. I finish three books and start and finish another a couple hours later. Solid ending to this series. I liked how it concluded. View all 4 comments. Apr 02, Neil or bleed rated it really liked it Shelves: books-i-own , owned-paperbacks , reviewed , reads , young-adult , favourites. First thing first. I love the ending. I can picture Sophie smiling, holding the hands of Jenna and Archer, also smiling too. Me too. I re First thing first.

I really have no idea that was possible, but after reading it, okay, I accept it. More revelations had come to my way, about the Brannicks, Sophie herself, and others that really froze my mouth gaping. In this final installment of Hex Hall, I am really relieved and happy that it didn't en route to a wrong turn. It is now clear to me who are in the bad side and who are in the good side. Our characters were still awesome and the new characters were also likable, especially Izzy and Torin.

Sophie, I still really loved Sophie. She grew stronger and wiser. Her sarcasm was given, no doubt on that. She never failed to amuse me with her snarky dialogues and wittiness. Elodie's character was also very important in the book. One just can't underestimate her.

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My issues about the book are: 1. The blurb says there is an epic war but I guess there is none. The war was plain simple, I'm afraid. I don't want to elaborate but I didn't read an epic war, just fighting. The information about The Eye and the Brannicks are lacking. I want to know more. The adventure to the Underworld is quite fast. I am hoping that they will encounter something demonic but no. Though what they experienced is quite demonic too 4. Some characters were not explained who really they are. Indeed, this is still a very good book that will bring you an abundance of laughter and a bunchful of tears.

Though my issues with the book, other events are still breath-taking, heart-pounding, riveting and will cause you to stab the antagonists to death. View all 5 comments. If I had to pick a mood-food to go with these books it would have to be a big buttery bowl of popcorn. It just goes so nicely with the theme of entertaining and fun as hell! I'm gonna keep this brief since really all I have to say is that I freaken love this series!!

It's fun and funny, it's exciting and completely consuming. It doesn't have one dry moment. I love the writing and the zingy dialog. The characters are incredibly easy to love, the romance is giggly swoon-worthy and the story Popcorn! The characters are incredibly easy to love, the romance is giggly swoon-worthy and the story-line is one big heart-pound. There was only one moment I could have lived without, and anyone who has read this already knows what that one moment was, so I wont bother spoiling it. Yeah, so other then that, I absolutely loved this! I'm sad to see one of my most beloved series go, but I look forward to seeing what Hawkins has in store for us next!

View all 14 comments. Dec 22, Raeleen Lemay rated it really liked it Shelves: young-adult. This book was a crazy ride, and I loved it! It was a great end to the trilogy, but I'm going to miss the series! Check out my video review! View all 3 comments. Apr 04, Elena rated it really liked it. Rachel Hawkins knows how to make me smile!

I'm rather sorry that this is the last book. Definitely putting itself up there with my favs. I'm still mad at myself for letting it sit on my tbr like for SIX while years, which is as long as I've been on Goodreads. That's really sad lol Anyway, this installment gets a 4. That's one of the things I love most a I'm rather sorry that this is the last book. That's one of the things I love most about this series is it's hilarity at all times. Another thing I love about this book and series is that there's never a dull moment.

It just erupts with endless action, jokes, suspense, etc. Everything there is there for a reason! In book one I never would have believed it possible, but omg I adore this girl!! She's all spice and fire and fun. With book two I grew to like her. But this book is where I loved her. That is an amazing bit of writing on the author's part to make us hate a character and then turn around and love her.

They go from pitted enemies in book one and then by the end of the series develop an unexpected friendship. It was just beautiful growth throughout the books. I also loved how, despite their differences, beliefs, and feelings, that Archer, Cal, Jenna, Sophie, and Elodie worked together to take down the evil bitches of the story.

They looked out for each other and pushed each other to succeed. There were quite a few unexpected twists that happened on the way through this book. Not all of them I loved, but I did love the fact that I was surprised. Another sign of great writing. Here are some of the shockers: 1 Cal view spoiler [ dies saving Sophie. I'm SOOO not okay with this. Cal was my favorite guy of the love triangle, and I totally didn't foresee the author resolving the drama of said triangle by killing one of the trio off. Just wow. I was thinking this whole time that Cal was just too good and sweet for this world.

Apparently the author foretold my thoughts. I did guess her mom was a Brannick, but I think that was obvious with how book two ended hide spoiler ] 3 Mrs. I totally didn't expect Elodie to admit they were friends. That was so sweet!!! Like omg all sugary and warm!! And he seems to retain some of his white witch power cause he's slowly healing Graymalkin Island of all the gray and decay the Casnoffs caused. One of two things I didn't like were view spoiler [ how easily Sophie broke free of Lara's mind control.

I mean I know Sophie is super strong, buuuuut it just seemed to easy, especially after all the hype that was placed on it. I mean both guys are great in their own ways, but I was definitely rooting for one over the other. Main The Locus Awards Finalists Anyway, Spell Bound. At the end of Demonglass , Sophie had finally come to terms with demonic heritage As if that being powerless and being-hunted by the same jerks who bound her powers isn't enough, she gets captured by the Brannicks—specifically the youngest one, which just adds insult to injury—a family whose monster-hunting legacy goes back for decades.

Which means that so is Sophie. So she's got demons on one side, and demon hunters on the other Oh, ALSO, she's not sure if any of her friends are even still alive. Sophie continues to by likable and entertaining, and her habit of making terrible, terrible jokes whenever she's nervous never gets old. SPOILER: I didn't particularly like how the love triangle was resolved—killing off Cal seemed more cop-out than resolution—but that's a pretty small issue, especially since now Elodie can pursue his ghostly hotness for all eternity, and as she's one of the best characters in the whole series, I'm glad that Hawkins gave her a happy ending.

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