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The way that we document history, the sources we save, and the voices we privilege make it seem as though there are not many women who have played prominent roles in the fight for religious freedom in the United States.

The Antinomian Controversy, 1636-1638: A Documentary History

Of course, this is not the case. Women were integral in the fight for church-state separation, and, thankfully, we have evidence about the contributions of many of them. One of the most important women in religious freedom history is Anne Hutchinson. In , Hutchinson illuminated what it meant to be a rebel by partaking in a religious conflict in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Speaking out for what she believed in came at a cost. Her trial is famously cited by historians, and her pursuit of genuine freedom of conscience makes her legacy all the more iconic. Balancing these two ideas was hardly simple, and sometimes the balance was easily lost, such as during the Antinomian controversy.

Redeeming free grace: Thomas Hooker and the contested language of salvation. So we are right back to the antinomian controversy.

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Dale Martin's "arsenokoites and malakos" tried and found wanting. A lot of this material is familiar and much discussed-John Cotton, Thomas Shepard, Thomas Hooker, and Roger Williams each get a chapter, along with a chapter on lay reading of the Bible, and a final section on the Antinomian controversy. After Cotton stepped back from the abyss of antinomianism, the New England mainstream was able to recapture a Puritan sense of identity--temporarily lost in the early settlement period--by comparing their own exemplary diligence to the laxness of Anne Hutchinson and other radicals prosecuted during Massachusetts' antinomian controversy.

Returned to Wittenberg to teach theology , but he differed with Luther in the first antinomian controversy.

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