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Visitation, North Carolina Series

By sitting in the alcove, and keeping well back, Winston was able to remain outside the range of the telescreen, so far as sight went. He could. Free Reading Books Online Free: Perfect for fans of Jennifer E. Smith and Huntley Fitzpatrick, you'll love this funny and sweet contemporary romance about a Southern girl ready for a ho-hum summer until she meets the boy of her dreams who happens to be an international pop star.

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Say No to Joe? Visitation Book 1 Lori Foster 9780821775127 Books Reviews

Showing a clear sense of development as an author, it also shows the first full novel in the overall franchise, whilst the previous would largely make up shorter stories from all the various different authors. As a rule it would seem that Joe Winston can get any woman he wants, as he uses his looks and his smoldering charm to win the heart of many women, That is until he finds the true women of his dreams, Luna Clark, as it appears she may be a little harder to woo, as he attempts to win her heart.


Whilst she secretly may be passionately attracted to him, she feels that she may initially be a little too smart to be attracted to his charms. Will he win her hand?

Can she overcome her initial reservations? Does she say no to Joe? Originally brought out in on the 1st of March, this was initially published through the Kensington publishing label.

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Developing the characters and the world, it manages to take that franchise in new and exciting directions for the reader. Working for charity, she needs his protection, as the both of them must overcome their attraction to each other and finish the job in hand.


Can he ever commit though? Will he be able to protect her?

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  • Say No to Joe? Visitation Book 1 Lori Foster 9780821775127 Books.
  • Visitation, North Carolina Series by Lori Foster!

What is the secret life of Bryan? Taking the template Foster really manages to find her own voice within it, creating something that is ultimately both engaging and entertaining in equal measure, all whilst managing to say something that is very real and personal to her as a writer.

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Say No To Joe? (Visitation, North Carolina, #1) by Lori Foster

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